A very smooth and flavorful with sweet fruity overtones and hints of lavender and berries.



Overview of the Gelato cartridge strain

Gelato cartridge is another tantalizing cannabis strain from west coast cure Fam Genetics. Following in the footsteps of its parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. This Bay Area, California native gets its name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma. A common genetic thread among the west coast cure family. Her buds tend to bloom in dark purple hues. illuminated by fiery orange hairs and a shining white coat of crystal resin. Novice consumers may want to approach this THC powerhouse with caution. But those armed with a high tolerance will delight in weed carts Gelato’s heavy-handed euphoria. Physical relaxation comes on strong. But many find themselves still mentally agile enough. To stay productive and creative when enjoying Gelato cartridge during the day.
Our blend does not contain PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil. Or any other harmful ingredients that other vape pens use.

The Gelato cartridge mimics your favorite frozen dessert. It brings you a sticky sugary taste experience that will make you want to take another bowl.
The cultivar calms, soothes, and awakens with its perfect blend of Indica-Sativa qualities.
Serving its purpose as the ideal pick-me-up for those moments when you want to be your best self.
So, whether you’re hoping to add a touch of sweetness to what has been a tiring day. Or if you’re looking to up your spirits, there’s no way you can go wrong with a bowlful of weed cart.

Origins of the gelato cartridge strain

west coast cure

west coast cure Gelato is the poster boy for sweet strains. Boasting a blend of flavors that capture exactly what its name suggests. But despite its iconic status, weed cart Gelato was never a self-made strain. The cultivar owes its legendary profile and qualities to two noteworthy parents.
Thin Mint GSC
Its sweet minty scent is what gives the Thin Mint GSC its name. A phenotype of the legendary GSC cultivar. This strain is exactly 50-50 Indica-Sativa. And dominates the senses with a 21% THC level that’s well above the average. In effect, the strain is invigorating, refreshing, and overpowering, tugging. Between relaxation and motivation for an adaptable experience.


The first of Mr. Sherbinski’s offspring. The Sherbet – or Sunset Sherbet – strain is one that leans towards the Indica side. Giving you a lightheaded high that magnetizes your bum to the cough. The airy, feather-light feelings inspired by the strain can overcome the body. And senses, allowing supreme clarity that ushers you into a contemplative state.

west coast cure gelato cartridge appearance

gelato aroma
Its a crystallized coating of hazy resin gives the Gelato cartridge a frozen aesthetic. That gives further justice to its playful name. Underneath, deep forest green leaves intertwine with hints of purple and blue. Giving rise to an icy cold appearance that might be hard to ignore. All over the nugs, bright orange hairs course through and embrace the leaves. Adding yet another decorative dimension to the lively strain.

west coast cure THC Content of the weed cart gelato

With a max THC of 20%. Gelato steps right on the threshold of the higher-than-average cannabis cultivars. The stronger THC concentration means that the strain delivers more powerful effects. For veteran users, that opens the potential to experience a more challenging high. letting you build up your dosage to reach a level of intoxication that maxes out your benchmarks. Keep in mind that Gelato might not be the best choice if you’re only starting out. The strong THC content can overwhelm beginners and might feel a little too much if you’re not used to cannabis yet. Choose a different, milder strain to try out first. Or take doses in very small amounts to see how much you can handle at a time.


Aroma and Flavor Profile of Gelato cartridge

Aroma of the weed cart gelato

Gelato is one of the strains that gives justice to its name by its flavor. The thick scent of sugar and cream wafts out of the package, seeping out through the seams. The strain is especially aromatic. almost smelling like sweetened dough. And fresh-baked cookies, with notes of berries and flowers.

Flavor of lemon cherry gelato cartridge

Once lit and smoked, weed cart Gelato tastes like a thick spoonful of vanilla ice cream. with its dense smoke embracing the tongue. And covering all its surfaces to increase saliva production. In some cases, the sweetness Mets with equal parts of bitterness. Creating a three-dimensional taste experience that brings together all flavors from the spectrum.

Effects of the Gelato cartridge

Bending ever so towards the Indica side. The weed cart Gelato strain calms, relaxes, and subdues the mind. And body for a cool collectedness that clears away stress. And other negative feelings that might be weighing you down.

Calming of the weed cart

As the THC travels through your system, it takes away the negativities that might be making you feel on edge. In effect, this gives rise to a calmer disposition. Carefree and relieved from worries, you’re likely to feel far less bothered. things that might be beating down on your mind.

Contemplative of west coast cure  gelato strain 

As you reach that new level of calm. the Gelato strain triggers your brain. Encouraging thoughts and ideas to flow as you spend your time-locked to your sofa. This increased cognitive activity can help you process thoughts. And feelings that you would otherwise avoid without cannabis in your system.

Creative of west coast cure gelato 33 strain

To complete the Gelato triad is creativity. The strain is a definite mental stimulant. calming the rest of your body while encouraging the mind the work overtime. What you get is a creative cognition that can help you plan new ideas. And concepts that might help with artistic expression or work.

Growing Gelato weed

gelato growth

First-time cultivators, rejoice! The Gelato cultivar is an effortless strain that you can grow with minimal effort. The variety is often the go-to for first-timers hoping to cultivate their own cannabis at home. Even with minimal care, Gelato produces a high yield in a short span of time. Quality is often consistent across the board,. so you can expect excellent nugs no matter how much of a noob you might be.

Indoors of black cherry gelato strain

For those growing the seeds indoors, choose a pot that’s deep and spacious. The more room your plant has to extend its roots, the more it will thrive. Watering can do once daily, or as needed. Direct the water towards the roots and make sure you don’t spray more than necessary. If you over-moisten the soil, use a plant lamp or natural light to evaporate the excess.


Outdoors of gelato cake strain

Plant the seeds under direct sunlight. And make sure there’s always enough warmth to keep them thriving and healthy. Choose the right time of year to drop the risk of cold weather and rain. If necessary, use a plant lamp to keep your cannabis sapling warm during the nighttime


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