The Pink Lemonade cbd strain is an indica-dominant strain. And is the result of the crossing between the Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk strains of west coast cure.
It has a very summery and fresh flavor profile as well. With notes of grapefruit, lemon, and pineapple.
The sour pink lemonade strain is great for all sorts of tummy troubles from west coast cure. So it’s perfect for those with GI disorders or nagging nausea. As the marijuana market grows, there is always going to be an increase in the number of strains available.



Pink Lemonade Strain Review- west coast cure

pink lemonade strain review
The Pink Lemonade strain is an indica-dominant strain. And is the result of the crossing between the Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk strains of west coast cure.
It has a very summery and fresh flavor profile as well. With notes of grapefruit, lemon, and pineapple.
The sour pink lemonade strain is great for all sorts of tummy troubles from west coast cure. So it’s perfect for those with GI disorders or nagging nausea. As the marijuana market grows, there is always going to be an increase in the number of strains available.

Pink lemonade strain west coast cure a natural pain relief

Meaning that, whether you’re looking for a natural form of pain relief. Or something to get your creativity going, there will be something for everyone. For those that are looking for sweet flavors and mellow moods. There exists Pink Lemonade to help make your days brighter and more bearable. This strain’s name conjures up images of summer days. Relaxing in the sun with a cold glass of lemonade in hand and not a care in the world. But, Pink Lemonade west coast cure is an unusual strain.
As it falls in the indica category while still having so many of the effects that you would expect from a sativa. Taking you on a journey from energetic bursts to chilled and laid back all within a short space of time. Let’s look a closer look at Pink Lemonade to see whether it is a worthwhile strain to pick up and try for yourself.
Hand picked lemons that have been harvest from the tree. Squeezed until all their nectar is out. Then introduced to a sweet, strawberry syrup to make a juicy drink that will quench your cravings. Pink Lemonade strain by west coast cure gives us the perfect balance of sweet. And sour without losing any of that authentic fruit flavor that makes a blend like this so amazing.

Pink lemonade west coast cure carts

Pink lemonade west coast cure carts is a revolutionary all in one disposable pod despensary. Designed to be a rewarding alternative to cigarettes. It is an exceptional solution to those seeking to start living a smoke-free life. But are apprehensive about vaping. With the Pink lemonade strain , your vaping experience is simple. And carefree as it is completely accessible to any adult wanting to quit smoking.
Each  Pink lemonade disposable pod contains a enough amount of salt nicotine eliquid. To match a complete pack of cigarettes and powered by a pre-charged low wattage battery.
With no buttons or complicated settings necessary. The Pink lemonade west coast cure pod device is ready to be enjoyed out of the package.
Pink lemonade strain is also small enough to fit in any size pocket. But deliver big in flavor and offers satisfying amounts of vapor. That will help you switch the habit for good!
All salt nicotine eliquid blended by specialists at salt nic labs. Using only premium ingredients for your ultimate enjoyment and satisfaction.
Pink lemonade west coast cure carts  is the perfect effortless vaping experience. And offers an incredible value. With each  Pink lemonade west coast cure carts package you receive. there is 1 pre-filled disposable pod, which is the equal to a whopping 20 cigarettes. So what better time than now to ditch those cigs, grab a piece of  Pink lemonade west coast cure carts. So you can begin to enjoy an active smoke free lifestyle!
This pack includes 1pc pre-filled  Pink lemonade west coast cure carts disposable pod from the tasty LOY collection.

What is the Pink Lemonade Strain?


Pink Lemonade is an 80% indica / 20% sativa cross hybrid. Unique for having some effects that you would not usually find in such an indica heavy strain. while still maintaining the qualities that looked for in an indica.
While the history of Pink Lemonade strain is not known. it’s thought to be the result of Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk interbred. with the possibility of another unknown strain bred into the mix at some point.
Very much living up to its west coast cure name. Pink Lemonade is a fruity strain both in aroma and flavor, emitting a sweet lemon scent. The flavor profile is a complex one. With a variety of different fruity notes that develop when smoked.
Pink lemonade -west coast cure is the ideal strain to take on a chilled summer’s afternoon. Providing almost instant bursts of energy. And creativity that later transform into a deep. Dreamy state that is perfect for a mellow evening. This makes it a great strain to smoke with friends as you enjoy a day full of fun in the sun. Before settling down for a casual night roasting s’mores or hanging out with a film.
Pink Lemonade strain begins to take effect faster than most domestic strains. Which also makes Pink Lemonade perfect for smoking after lunch. Giving you the whole afternoon to enjoy its creative boost. Accompanied by mounds of energy. Letting your creativity flourish. Pink Lemonade is not all about creativity, though. Due to its uplifting happy mood enhancers and clear-headed effects. It is a strain that is great for long summer walks through the park, or along the river. Giving you an enhanced sensory perception that leaves you seeing the world in a new and intense way.

West coast cure recommendation

This is an excellent strain for beginners. As the effects do not last as long as similar strains. Making it easier to adjust to some of Pink Lemonades’ intense effects. The fast acting high also means that you get a sense of when you have smoked enough. And prevents new users from taking too high a dose. and suffering ill effects rather than enjoying its energetic high.
With such a summery name and its upbeat effects, can you expect the same from its flavor and appearance?

Pink Lemonade strain Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


Aroma of Pink Lemonade strain

The initial aroma is exactly what you would expect from a strain with such a sweet name. strong floral notes mixed with tart lemon. This is a strain that could go by no other name. As the scent intensifies in your nostrils, filling them with sour. Sweet lemon that makes the back of your throat itch for a glass of real lemonade.
Once you begin grinding this west coast cure strain. it releases a strong hash smell with underlying notes of incense. But, the strong lemon scent works its way through, and you are once again taken back to your glass of lemonade on a hot day.
When burnt, Pink Lemonade mits a smooth smoke with hints of lemon and sweetness. Conjuring images of a summertime picnic complete. With a jug of lemonade and mini cakes while surrounded by cut grass and blooming flowers.
How does Pink Lemonade strain actually taste, though? Do the sweet, tangy lemon scents go beyond its strong aroma?

Flavor of Pink Lemonade strain

The sweet, tangy lemon goes beyond the aroma, with a sweet fruity taste that fills your mouth.
Some users have described the sudden mix of fruity flavors as being like eating a fruit salad at lightning speed.
Jumping from berries to grapefruit to candy. all which has covered in a generous coating of lemon juice.
Pink Lemonade emits a smooth smoke that is a joy to breathe through with ease. The smoke filled with tropical tones. including strong bursts of pineapple and grapefruit. Mixing together with the already strong fruity flavors. And resulting in something that you could imagine eating.

Appearance of Pink Lemonade strain

Pink Lemonade west coast cure, found in chunky. Larger than average nugs as a result of its sticky flowers that bind together. And create different varying shapes. Their bright green color mixed with orange hairs. And specks of frosty gold, creating a pale colored plant with only a few dark brown hints that creep through.
Like most plants that produce strong indica strains. The leaves grow tight to the stem, tending not to spread too far out.
Pink Lemonade strain leaves stand out in a different way though. Thanks to their famous olive green and royal purple streaks.
Pink Lemonade is a strain that you can grow yourself at home. With a few tips to get you started, you’ll be enjoying the sweet lemon scent in no time.

Pink Lemonade Strain Grow Info

sour pink lemonade strain
Pink Lemonade is a great strain to start with. For those looking to dabble in the world of growing your own marijuana.
With its short flowering time and minimal maintenance requirements. There is very little that can go wrong.
It is a plant that can be grown both indoors and out. Flourishing in most climates as long as it has an adequate amount of sunlight. Cold weather will activate anthocyanins. (a pigment within the plant) that triggers the iconic purple. Blue tones that appear on the leaves. but this is not something that you should worry too much about. As a beginner if you’re thinking about growing in the summer.
You can expect your plants to grow wider than they will tall. often presenting in a very bushy shape. So make sure that you give each plant enough space to grow to its full potential. That is,f planting in the ground as opposed to using pots that can be moved.
Unlike most strains, it is recommend that you buy clippings. From a mature, healthy Pink Lemonade plant rather than using seeds. This is because of the uncertainty surrounding its parentage. And its somewhat unclear history. Starting out with clippings means growing a identical plant. And is a safe way to ensure that you are actually growing Pink Lemonade.
With Pink Lemonade strain being such a fast-growing plant. What can you expect from its cannabinoid content?

THC Content – west coast cure highest Test

Pink Lemonade has a high THC content when compared to other indicas. With the average only being 13%, you can expect to find anything in the range of 17-22% with Pink Lemonade.
It is the high THC content that causes the dreamy, cloudy mindset. That is experience towards the end of the high. And is one of the reasons for the strain’s popularity. As it brings you down from your high at the end. Giving you a chance to experience the blissful laziness that comes with a high THC content. Though there are some side effects associated with a larger than average THC content. For most people it is one of the most desirable qualities of Pink Lemonade.

CBD Content – west coast cure highest Test

Though you are likely tired of reading about it. With pretty much every strain that contains a higher than usual level of THC, you are going to get very little CBD.
There is actually very little evidence out there for the exact percentages of CBD. But you can be confident that there generally won’t be any more than about 1% CBD in any individual sample of Pink Lemonade.
So what kind of medical benefits that you can expect from Pink Lemonade if you can’t rely on its CBD content?

Medical Benefits of the Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Pink Lemonade strain is one of those fantastic all-rounder strains. offering relief from a wide range of conditions such as pain and headaches. All the way to making life long illness more manageable on a daily basis.
Stress & headaches are two common reasons that Pink Lemonade is for medical purposes. Providing relief, along with an instant burst of energy that allows you to go about your day pain. -free and enjoy yourself with a happy buzz.
Pink Lemonade can also help if you are suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. Easing pain and increasing appetite, such as with Crohn’s disease.
Migraines can also be ease and become manageable. helping you to get through the day. As well as aiding you at night if your migraines stop you from sleeping. Thanks to the secondary effects of Pink Lemonade that hit after the intense high. This also makes it ideal if you suffer from fatigue. As it gives you instant energy. Perfect for those days when you have to get things done and can’t afford to keep stopping and resting.
There have also been reports. That those suffering from depression have found Pink Lemonade strain to be an effective relief from symptoms. thanks to the happy. clear-minded effects of the high.
Fibromyalgia – a condition that can cause increased sensitivity to pain, difficulty sleeping, headaches. And many more uncomfortable symptoms. – has been found to be eased and become much more manageable thanks to strains like Pink Lemonade. Its pain relief effects, mixed with the tendency to trigger a sleepy state, can improve the lives of those who suffer from all manner of different, unpleasant conditions.
where there are highs and medical benefits, there are always side effects, and Pink Lemonade is no exception to this rule – so what kind of adverse side effects can you expect?

Possible Side Effects of the Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Pink Lemonade is no stranger to the common side effects that come with marijuana, including dry eyes and dry mouth, or cottonmouth as it is sometimes known. The good news is that neither of these effects is long-lasting, nor do they cause any long term health concerns.
Other side effects that are often reported include red eyes and a throbbing sensation around the eyes and frontal lobe. While annoying at the time, they do not last long, and the benefits can outweigh such effects.
A side effect that is important to be aware of is the increased chance of feeling paranoia and anxiety, especially if this is something that you often feel on a day to day basis. This can be managed by starting with an low dose to test the effect that it has on your nerves. This, coupled with the short-lived high that comes with Pink Lemonade, means that any uncomfortable effects should be minimal and give you a sense of whether this is the right strain for you.

Final Thoughts on Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Pink Lemonade is, at its core, a fun strain. It possesses a sweet, tangy aroma and flavor profile, but also has a long list of life-changing effects for those dealing with some different medical conditions.
But, if you aren’t using marijuana to treat a medical issue, you can sit back and appreciate this powerful, enjoyable strain.
Perfect for inspiring bursts of energy and creativity, as well enjoying the world around you, Pink Lemonade is one of those strains that every marijuana user should have pre-prepared, in case.
You never know when an opportunity is going to present itself that could be improved by a single toke of Pink Lemonade.
like a cold, refreshing glass of its namesake. Pink Lemonade strain is the perfect refreshment for your life, giving you energy. creativity and natural enjoyment of everything and everyone.

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