THC 14%     CBD 1%          SATIVA 20%            INDICA 80%


watermelon og cartridge Review

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watermelon og cartridge overview

The watermelon og cartridge weed cart is a super juicy and delicious strain. That is reminiscent of watermelon, fresh berries, and candy. It’s bursting with flavor, and is one of the reasons Watermelon is such a hit. This west coast cure strain also offers relief from stress, fatigue, and chronic pain. So it’s perfect for those suffering from muscle conditions, arthritis. or mood disorders alike.
The watermelon og cartridge is name after one of the most refreshing fruits around. As well as being a delicious low-calorie treat that quenches your thirst. weed cart watermelon contains an array of vitamins and minerals. Did you know it contains an amino acid called citrulline which boosts the body’s levels of nitric oxide?
Other goodies contained in weed cart of watermelon og cartridge include magnesium. vitamins A, B6 and C, and potassium. While the west coast cure strain doesn’t quite provide you with as many vitamins. it could have a few medical benefits, and it is refreshing.


What Is the watermelon og cartridge ?

watermelon og strain
This weed cart is an indica dominant strain, but no one is 100% sure about its origins! It is likely to be a cross of parents from the Berry family, which would explain the sensational flavor. Thiswest coast cure of a strain known for its uplifting qualities and is a treat to smell and taste. Users suggest that the best way to consume this weed cart is via a bong. As you get all the aromatic qualities that make this strain famous.

Aroma of watermelon og cartridge

The Watermelon marijuana strain has an sweet scent akin to fruit-flavored candy. If you close your eyes and take in the aroma, you will get the smell of fresh strawberries. along with hints of sugar and earthiness.

Flavor of watermelon og cartridge

You can guess that this strain tastes a lot like watermelon! The sweet berry flavor is a joy to behold, and you will be eager to consume even more of it; don’t get greedy with the blunt! Upon the exhale, you may get hints of tropical fruit with a honey flavor that lingers .

Appearance of watermelon og cartridge

This strain’s buds have a pale green coloring, although if you look , you should be able to see pink undertones. The bright orange hairs also stand out against the light-colored background. and the frosty white trichomes are the icing on the cake.



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west coast cure carts
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